The Infotrade market information portal is designed as one step area for “Information for Trade” it give trade users the opportunity to explore daily, weekly, month and quarterly prices and weather information reports.

It is seen as an “lubricant” that oils the chains that bring all the business links in the value chains together. At every point in the value chain as the commodity exchanges hands or makes movement, there is need for market information. It plays a key role in the decision making of the parties involved.

The content in this Portal (NAMIS) is supported and authenticated by National Warehouse Receipt Authority (UNWSA) that is one the government agency mandate to provide trade information and also Uganda National Metalogical Authority (UNMA) that is mandated to provide weather information to the general public.

These are data governors and FIT Insights the services operator is the data processing entity that is involved in the data collection, verification, tabulation, analysis and dissemination