These are data governors and FIT Insights the services operator is the data processing entity that is involved in the data collection, verification, tabulation, analysis and dissemination

Partner roles

a) Uganda National Warehouse Receipt Authority (UWRSA)

FIT Insights working partnership with UWRSA has revived the National Market information delivered as a model of Private Public partnership. As public good the services has targeted to start with a total of 18 commodities that are aggregated from 10 Subregions in the country and price collected from 18 trading hubs namely Kampala, Jinja, Fort portal, Homia, Moroto, Mbale, Lira, Gulu, Arua, Mbarara and Soroti.

The UNWRA partnership being on board in approach to treating and management of national data by allowing the collection of transaction prices from the Registered Warehouses to give indicative prices for offtakers on daily basis and also giving the public bi-annual food sector report.

b) Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA)

FIT Insights working in partnership with Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) to provide weather and market information to over 1,000,000 male and female individuals living and working around wetlands in 24 districts of Uganda.

Under the UNDP funding through the Ministry of Environment and Energy, sub component 3 that is managed by UNMA, the service has enabled household of traders and farmers living and working around the wetlands to receive market information services that include weather information, prices and early warming alerts. This is done on a weekly basis with information developed to us on a six hourly basis from the authority.

In the partnership agreement UNMA provides for generation of weather information on a daily and FIT insights is required to tone down the content for the grassroots and low end , no technical users of the information of weather for applied utilization in business and daily livelihoods.

c) FIT Insights Group Services

FIT Insights Limited are the proprietary owners of the INFOTRADE (i.e., Information for Trade) an Agribusiness Market information Services (AMIS) that was initially started 2008. The services was stared with support from Danida and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to offer national public in partnership with FIT as information processor and service provider. The company carries history data of over 22 years on markets and unique insights in the operation of the agribusiness market.